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[audio]This Week In HPC 500 E 27
This Week In HPC500 E27
Keywords: HPC; podcast
Downloads: 263
[audio]This Week In HPC 500 Episode 24
HPC500 Podcast
Keywords: hpc500
Downloads: 249
[audio]This Weekin HPCEpisode 22 - HPC500
This Week In HPC Episode 22
Keywords: podcast; hpc
Downloads: 190
[audio]This Weekin HPC Episode 23
This Week in HPC Episode 23
Keywords: HPC500
Downloads: 221
[audio]VMware Inside HPC Podcast - Rich Brueckner
In this podcast, Matt Herreras and Josh Simons describe how Hybrid Cloud powered by virtualization offers increased scientific agility for HPC workloads. Learn more: http://cto.vmware.com/author/joshsimons/Watch the video presentation: http://wp.me/p3RLHQ-baU
Keywords: hpc; supercomputing; VMware; Hybrid Cloud; HPC Virtualization; RichReport; Cloud HPC
Downloads: 187
[audio]Grid Engine State Of The Union Podcast - Rich Brueckner
In this slidecast, Fritz Ferstl from Univa presents: Grid Engine State of the Union. "Univa Grid Engine is the next generation product that open source Grid Engine users have been waiting for. Our customers save time and money through increased uptime, and with our innovative feature and product evolution they can significantly reduce the total cost of ownership of running Grid Engine. We have improved the speed of several aspects of the product with new features and functionality designed to i...
Keywords: hpc; grid engine; univa; insideHPC; hpc software
Downloads: 134
[audio]Change Your World, Pt. 4, 10-26-08 - HPC EP Podcast
HPC EP Podcast, Change Your World, Pt. 4, 10-26-08, Buck Zengerle
Keywords: hpc ep podcast
Downloads: 10
[audio]HPC Music Test - Hazelbank Presbyterian Church
HPC Music Test
Keywords: HPC Music Test
Downloads: 63
[audio]Japanese Weather Report - Vest For Tysso
Japanese Weather Report by Vest For Tysso
Keywords: Vest for Tysso; HPC
Downloads: 171
[audio]This Week In HPC 500 E 25
HPC500 Podcast
Keywords: HPC500; podcast
Downloads: 248
[audio]This Week In HPC 500 E 26 - HPC500
HPC500 Podcast
Keywords: HPC500; Podcast
Downloads: 291
[unknown]Wiki - hpc_wiki
hpc_wiki dumped with WikiTeam tools.
Keywords: wiki; wikiteam; MediaWiki; hpc_wiki; wikihpcwvuedu_hpc_wiki; unknowncopyright
[unknown]Wiki - hpc_devhudacuk_w
hpc_devhudacuk_w dumped with WikiTeam tools.
Keywords: wiki; wikiteam; MediaWiki; hpc_devhudacuk_w; hpc_devhudacuk_w
[audio]Evolving HPC Datacenter Podcast - Rich Brueckner
In this slidecast from Radio Free HPC, Fritz Ferstl from Univa leads a discussion on the continuing HPC Datacenter Evolution. Watch the video presentation: http://wp.me/p3RLHQ-b6U
Keywords: hpc; supercomputing; Univa; System Management; Radio Free HPC; insideHPC
Downloads: 173
[audio]HPC University Podcast - Rich Brueckner
In this podcast, Ange Mason from the San Diego Supercomputing Center takes us on a tour of HPC University--a resource site on High Performance Computing for students and educators."The HPC University (HPCU) is a virtual organization whose primary goal is to provide a cohesive, persistent, and sustainable on-line environment to share educational and training materials for a continuum of high performance computing environments that span desktop computing capabilities to the highest-end of computin...
Keywords: hpc; supercomputing; HPC University; RichReport; XSEDE; Teragrid; insideHPC; SDSC
Downloads: 83
[audio]Intel True Scale Podcast - Rich Brueckner
In this podcast, Joe Yaworski, Director of Marketing for Intel’s High Performance Fabric Operations to discuss the success of Intel’s True Scale Fabric and to break it down to better understand this growing acceptance.
Keywords: InfiniBand; True Scale; HPC; supercomputing; Intel HPC fabric; fabric integration
Downloads: 319
[audio]Top 500 Podcast - Rich Brueckner
In this podcast, the Radio Free HPC team discusses the June 2013 TOP500 list with Jack Dongarra from the University of Tennessee.
Keywords: hpc; TOP500; supercomputing; radio free hpc; insideHPC
Downloads: 301
[movies]Tour of Zanzibar CE - Cnchdude
I toured Zanzibar for Halo CE
Keywords: Halo ce; ce; halo; hpc
Downloads: 163
[audio]SGI Product Update for June 2013 - Rich Brueckner
In this podcast, Bill Mannel from SGI presents an update on the company's innovative HPC solutions.Watch the presentation at:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tIAiBGJa9hM Learn more at: http://sgi.com
Keywords: hpc; supercomputing; SGI; Altix; insideHPC; RichReport
Downloads: 307
[audio]Luxtera Silicon Photonics For HPC Interconnects Podcast - Rich Brueckner
In this podcast, Brian Welch from Luxtera presents: Silicon Photonics for HPC Interconnects.
Keywords: hpc; interconnects; supercomputing; luxtera; insideHPC; RichReport
Downloads: 80
[audio]My Church, Pt. 1, 7-17-11 - HPC EP Podcast
My church enjoys life. HPC EP Podcast, My Church, Pt. 1, 7-17-11, Buck Zengerle
Keywords: healing; place; church; hpc; el paso; texas
Downloads: 10
[audio]Open ACC Podcast - Rich Brueckner
In this podcast, OpenACC President Duncan Poole leads a panel of speakers describing the latest additions to OpenACC. Speakers include Oscar Hernandez from ORNL, Nathan Sidwell from Mentor Graphics, and Michael Wolfe from PGI.Three new institutions have recently joined OpenACC as members including Louisiana State University, Mentor Graphics Corporation and the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)...
Keywords: hpc; gpu; supercomputing; openACC; richreport; insideHPC; nvidia
Downloads: 150
[audio]Change Your World, Pt. 1, 10-05-08 - HPC EP Podcast
HPC EP Podcast, Change Your World, Pt. 1, 10-05-08, Buck Zengerle
Keywords: hpc; ep; el; paso; healing; place; church
Downloads: 6
[audio]ScaleMP Podcast Preview of vSMP 5.5 - Rich Brueckner
In this podcast, Shai Fultheim from ScaleMP provides an update on the company's recent announcements and previews vSMP 5.5 Foundation software.vSMP Foundation aggregates multiple, industry-standard, x86 servers into one single virtual high-end system. This flagship product provides customers with an alternative to traditional, expensive multiprocessing (SMP or NUMA) systems and also offers simplified clustering infrastructure with a single operating system."Learn more at ScaleMP.com.Watch the ...
Keywords: supercomputing; VSMP; ScaleMP; Virtualization; vSMP Free; HPC
Downloads: 52
[audio]451 Group Podcast In Memory Analytics - Rich Brueckenr
In this podcast, Peter ffoulkes from 451 Research discusses the recent launch of the new Intel Xeon processor E7 v2 chip, which is designed to make data more valuable for your business through in-memory computing.
Keywords: Big Data; HPC; supercomputing; in-memory analytics
Downloads: 181
[audio]Hazra ISC 13 Keynote - Rich Brueckner
Join Intel for a look at the state of the HPC industry from two perspectives. First, we’ll look at how innovations in HPC are driving innovation in manufacturing industries with energy and automotive industry leaders providing examples. Next, we’ll give our perspective on the race to Exascale and discuss how Intel is collaborating with the HPC industry to address the challenges.” During the presentation, Hazra announced five new Intel Xeon Phi products tailor-made for HPC. Download the ...
Keywords: Intel Xeon Phi; hpc; Exascale; supercomputing
Downloads: 12
[audio]Change Your World, Pt. 3, 10-19-11 - HPC EP Podcast
HPC EP Podcast, Change Your World, Pt. 3, 10-19-11, Buck Zengerle
Keywords: hpc ep podcast; change your world
Downloads: 16
[audio]HP Apollo Podcast - Rich Brueckner
In this slidecast, John Gromala from HP describes the company's new Apollo series of HPC servers. Tailor-made for the HPC market, the Apollo Series combines a modular design with innovative power distribution and air- and liquid-cooling techniques for extreme performance at rack scale, providing up to four times more performance per square foot than standard rack servers. Watch the video presentation: http://wp.me/p3RLHQ-clp
Keywords: apollo 6000; hp; hpc; insidehpc; richreport; supercomputing
Downloads: 195
[audio]SGI Big Data Podcast - Rich Brueckner
In this podcast, Bob Braham from SGI describes the company's new offerings for Big Data in the enterprise: * New SGI InfiniteData Cluster* New Hadoop public Sandbox* New SGI ObjectStore * SGI InfiniteStorage Gateway Learn more: http://sgi.com
Keywords: hpc; supercomputing; SGI; Big Data; Hadoop
Downloads: 81
[audio]This_Week_in_HPC_Episode5 - Rich Brueckner
In this episode of This Week in HPC, Michael Feldman from Intersect360 Research and Rich Brueckner from insideHPC discuss Intel's new Xeon processors designed for in-memory analytics. Following that, they take a look a the secret sauce behind Lucera's new cloud for High Frequency Trading.
Keywords: HPC; supercomputing; HFT; in-memory analytics; Xeon
Downloads: 185
[audio]Argo Podcast With Pete Beckman - Mike Bernhardt
In this podcast from The Exascale Report, Pete Beckman from Argonne National Labs describes the Argo project, a prototype operating system for future Exascale supercomputers.For a Full Transcript, subscribe to The Exascale Report:http://theexascalereport.com
Keywords: hpc; exascale; argo project; the exascale report
Downloads: 249
[audio]NERSC Cori Supercomputer Podcast - Rich Brueckner
NERSC's next supercomputer system, named after American biochemist Gerty Cori, will be a Cray system based on a next-generation Intel® Many Integrated Core (MIC) Architecture.  The system will have a sustained performance that is at least ten times that of the NERSC-6 "Hopper" system, based on a set of characteristic benchmarks. 
Keywords: hpc; supercomputing; NERSC; Cori supercomputer; RIchReport
Downloads: 707
[unknown]Wiki - www0sunacza_hpc
www0sunacza_hpc dumped with WikiTeam tools.
Keywords: wiki; wikiteam; MediaWiki; www0sunacza_hpc; www0sunacza_hpc; unknowncopyright
[audio]Doors, Pt. 2, 8-21-11 - HPC EP Podcast
Going Through Doors, Pt. 2, 8-21-11 HPC EP Podcast Buck Zengerle
Keywords: hpc; healing; place; church; el paso; el; paso; texas; tx; hpc ep podcast
Downloads: 16
[audio]This Weekin HPCEpisode 16 - Addison Snell
This Week in HPC Episode 16: Supercomputing ad the National Climate Assesment, and Over a Petaflop Down Under
Keywords: National Climate Assesment; Petaflop; HPC; Addison Snell; Michael Feldman; Intersect360 Research; This week in HPC
Downloads: 185
[audio]This Weekin HPCEpisode 8 - Addison Snell
This Week in HPC, Cray Scales Up Manufacturing Capacity and NetApp Sheds 600 Employees
Keywords: Cray; NetApp; HPC; Addison Snell; Michael Feldman; Intersect360 Research; HPC
Downloads: 316
[audio]This Weekin HPCEpisode 13 - Addison Snell
This Week in HPC Episode 13: Xyratex Introduces Secure Data Appliance, and a Look at HPC Budgets
Keywords: HPC; This week in HPC; Xyratex; Intersect360 Research; Addison Snell; Michael Feldman
Downloads: 161
[audio]RONNIEE Podcast - Rich Brueckner
In this slidecast, Emilio Billi from A3 Cube presents an overview of the company's RONNIEE Express network architecture."RONNIEE Express is a new High-Performance Cluster and data plane Interconnect based on a disruptive pure memory-mapped communication paradigm."Learn more: http://www.a3cube-inc.com
Keywords: hpc; supercomputing; interconnect; RONNIEE Express; A2 Cube; PCI-E; Network Architecture; Big Data; HPC Startups
Downloads: 90
[audio]This Weekin HPCEpisode 19 - Addison Snell
Bull to be Acquired by Atos, and Notes from the Latest HPC Advisory Council
Keywords: Bull; Atos; HPC Advisory Council; HPC; Addison Snell; Michael Feldman; Gilad Shainer
Downloads: 229
[audio]This Weekin HPCEpisode 17 - Addison Snell
This Week in HPC Episode 17Bull Gets Petascale Order from Germany and Terrapins Acquire Teraflops
Keywords: this week in HPC; HPC; addison snell; michael feldman; Bull; Petascale; Terrapins; Teraflops; University of Maryland
Downloads: 226
[audio]This Weekin HPCEpisode 6 - Addison Snell
This Week in HPC Episode 6DOE Labs Buddy Up on Next-Gen Servers; Daresbury Buys Dataflow Machine
Keywords: HPC; DOE; This Week in HPC; Addison Snell; Michael Feldman; Daresbury
Downloads: 479
[audio]This Weekin HPCEpisode 11 - Addison Snell
This Week in HPC Episode 11:HPC Advisory Council in Switzerland; HPC and the Search for Flight 370
Keywords: HPC Advisory Council; Flight 370; Addison Snell; Michael Feldman; Intersect360 Research; HPC
Downloads: 158
[audio]Nvidia K1 Podcast - Rich Brueckner
In this podcast, analyst and author Rob Farber looks at Nvidia's launch of Tegra K1 processor. Designed for high-resolution mobile devices, the K1 features the same high-performance Kepler-based GPU that drives the world's most powerful supercomputers. It is also the appearance of 64-bit ARM computing with Project Denver.
Keywords: hpc; supercomputing; Nvidia Kepler; K1; CES 2014; ARM HPC; insideHPC; RichReport; Rob Farber
Downloads: 193
[audio]This Weekin HPCEpisode 12 - Addison Snell
This Week in HPC Episode 12High-Frequency HPC, and Japanese Space Agency Preps for Petaflops
Keywords: HPC; JAXA; Japanese Space Agency; Addison Snell; Michael Feldman; this week in HPC
Downloads: 172
[audio]This Weekin HPCEpisode 9 - Addison Snell
This Week in HPC, Japan Advances Exascale Initiative and HPC Conference March Madness
Keywords: this week in HPC; Japan; exascale; HPC Conference; addison snell; michael feldman
Downloads: 253
[audio]Podcast: ClusterStor 1500 Storage - Rich Brueckner
In this podcast, Ken Claffey from Xyratex describes the new ClusterStor 1500 storage appliance for Big Data.ClusterStor 1500 is the newest member of the ClusterStor family of scale-out HPC storage solutions that delivers break-through industry performance and efficiency. ClusterStor 1500 features include:•A unique architecture that brings together what were previously discrete server, network and storage platforms with their own separate software layers into a single integrated, modular, scale...
Keywords: Lustre; data storage; hpc; xyratex; RichReport; insideHPC; insideBigData; ClusterStor
Downloads: 59
[audio]SGI Ivy Bridge Podcast - Rich Brueckenr
In this presentaton, Bill Mannel from SGI describes the company's HPC  Solutions with Intel Xeon E5-2600v2 Processors.
Keywords: Ivy Bridge; SGI; HPC; supercomputer; supercomputing; RichReport; insideHPC
Downloads: 121
[audio]Univa Partners With Science+computing Podcast - Rich Brueckner
In this slidecast, Gary Tyreman from Univa describes the company's new partnership with Europe's science + computing."Our customers operate technical computing environments where infrastructure software like Univa Grid Engine is a key component. This partnership allows us to support our customers on all levels, giving them more options to use their compute clusters in the most efficient manner," says Gerd-Lothar Leonhart, CEO of s+c...
Keywords: Univa Grid Engine; science+computing; RichReport; HPC; digital manufacturing
Downloads: 105
[audio]Nvidia SC 13 Podcast - Rich Brueckner
In this slidecast, Brendan Howe from NetApp describes the company's full portfolio for HPC data storage."Our product innovation strategy is to deliver the industry's leading portfolio of cloud-integrated and flash-accelerated storage and data management solutions. These solutions satisfy our customers' needs for their multiple workloads and deployment models — either dedicated or as part of a shared infrastructure...
Keywords: hpc; supercomputing; Xyratex; ClusterStor 9000; RichReport; insideHPC; SC13
Downloads: 33
[audio]Univa Acquires Grid Engine Assets Podcast - Rich Brueckner
In this slidecast, Gary Tyreman from Univa describes the company's recent acquistion of Grid Engine assets from Oracle."As a part of the transaction, Univa acquired Oracle Grid Engine assets and intellectual property making it the sole commercial provider of Grid Engine."Learn more: http://univa.comWatch the video presentation: http://wp.me/p3RLHQ-aGC
Keywords: hpc; supercomputing; Grid Engine; Univa; Univa Grid Engine; resource manager
Downloads: 98
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